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It wasn't much of an incident, but still, he fully expected Stephen to have words with him about it.

The press-conference was very ... impromptu. Or rather, Stephen Lamarck had appeared in the building of a business associate, escorted only by his head of security by means of a bodyguard, and had walked out to a small ambush of journalists who had flocked there after news of coming lay-offs of a significant scale were considered by that associate. So far, they hadn't managed to get what they had been looking for.

But the owner of Archer Imports walking out was a whole different variety of prey. Because he hasn't made major lay-offs, nor were any supposed to be forthcoming. (They weren't.)

What is his source of additional income in the conditions of economic recession? Is he involved in illegal activities? Is he laundering money for foreign companies?

Stephen answered calmly. Good planning and steady business contacts around the world, no, no laundering anybody's money, just balancing locations where the recession was at different stages, and no, his employees were safe, as far as he could say, from joining the increasing number of jobless people.

His look behind his shoulder looked bland enough - to all but his rather silent bodyguard. Who deciphered it absolutely correctly as irritation. There were plenty of business of the company that was... well, from shady in the eye of the law, to worse. Smuggling, to begin with. Not to mention the magical artifacts, and a few other choice activities.

Stephen wrapped what he was going to say with the usual, 'thank you for your questions, that will be all.'

The journalists, who had probably been sharpening their teeth, wanted something meatier to bite into. They pressed.

Max loomed, moving to stand beside his boss. Didn't exactly growl, but attempted to push through the group politely.

And unsuccessfully.

His shoulders tensed; the shorter man by his side looked sideways and arched his brows, very slightly.

Max's eyes narrowed. He paused, then murmured a single word. Most of the journalists thought he probably swore; those closest thought the word was something like "Hexus." Which made no sense at all.

Next thing they know, every single item of technology - cameras, microphones, recorders, phones, pagers, electric watches even - gave way. As in started smoking and stopped working. The one in the pocket of the woman who had phrased her question particularly unpleasantly even caught on fire, creating minor panic.

Neither of the two men in the center of the ensuing chaos blinked or cracked a smile. Max just got his boss out of there and into the car before any semblance of organization had started to reoccur, whether on personal or pack level.

It wasn't much of an incident, but still, he fully expected Stephen to have words with him about it. About using magic too much in the open; it was dangerous.

Of course, that would have to wait at least until his boss stopped laughing.
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This may or may not be Max's fist job with Stephen, depending on whether Stephen says he was there or doesn't. ;)

Every rose has its thorns. )
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Ten reasons to stay in bed.
* Dia's still sleeping. Wouldn't want to wake her up too early, of course. (It's rare enough for her to sleep in later than me!)
* The bed is also occupied by a very-much-awake Dia.
* The bed is also occupied by a very-much-awake Stephen.
* The bed is also occupied by very-much-awake Stephen, Dia, and Solace. Trust me, this one can take a while. And take coming back to bed. Several times.
* The bed has been occupied by the above and none of us have any strength left desire to move away from it. Not even for food.
* Sammy's curled up and sleeping between Dia and me.
* Matthew is curled up and sleeping between Dia and me. Mind you, that almost only happens if he's sick; all the more reason to stay.
* My wife or I have had a bad dream and need the extra time to comfort one another. No, I'm not afraid I'd be considered weak by admitting I have bad dreams. Figure out why.
* Dia's prepared breakfast in bed. Yes, she does that, and it's always amazing.
* I just can. (Considering the rarity, this one almost didn't make the list.)

Ten reasons to get up in the morning.
* There's something new to be learned.
* There is something useful to be done.
* There's the aroma of Dia's cooking coming up from the kitchen.
* I do have work - and, shockingly, I do want to do it.
* It's the last day of a trip and I'll be home tonight, so the sooner we get started, the better.
* Dia and I could go over to Stephen's...
* There's also the chance to find Dia on the couch.
* Or in the bathtub.
* ... it's picnic day. Not something to be messed with missed out on!
* I just want to - there is so much to learn and do and love, it can't all be done from under the covers. Just... some of it.
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Okay. I really cannot choose which one to stick Max with as theme song. (okay, I probably can, but I want to share both >.> ) so.

Piu' che puoi?


I am what I am?

Thoughts? (I can upload either, for those who want 'em)


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