[community profile] justprompts: Do you do things by the book or do you do things your own way?

Apr. 10th, 2009 02:05 pm
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Well. The path is in the middle way. As they say.

Books are good. Books are great, really, you can learn all sorts of good things from books, and there's absolutely no sense in reinventing the wheel. Over and over again.

And it's very, very good to know the rules, really know them. The rules that you're supposed to follow; the limitations - because. All powers have those, and many people have sought them before and some of the results are written down. Know the rules which your allies are bound to, and your enemies too. Knowledge? Is a good thing. Invaluable, and books are a very, very good source of that.

But honestly? It's not enough. For one thing, books are obviously accessible for many. So if I'm trying to keep things in order, making sure that the people and things under my charge to make it through the day - or night. Usually night, come to think of it - safely? I've got to be better than that. (And I am.)

Study the books. Study the limits. Study the ways to push them, or to push whatever may come at us to their limits. And then mix and match and find the ways that the dangers can be anticipated, but my own - our own - reactions will be unpredictable. Come up with something new. Come up with enough new things to win.

Oh yeah. And because I'm me, do it with sufficient quirkiness to make sure to get the message across.

Don't mess with us. You'll get burned.

Some may call it flair, I guess. More will call me being a smartass.

But I do the job, and do it well. And I do do it my way. Because I know how to do it by the book too, and I can use even that.

That's just it. I use all that I have access to. Knowledge, information, creativity, advice, improvisation, brute force, even occasionally cheating and 'shortcuts'.

I really don't think those I work for, and with, mind.

At all.
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