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Apr. 21st, 2009 02:12 am
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Ten reasons to stay in bed.
* Dia's still sleeping. Wouldn't want to wake her up too early, of course. (It's rare enough for her to sleep in later than me!)
* The bed is also occupied by a very-much-awake Dia.
* The bed is also occupied by a very-much-awake Stephen.
* The bed is also occupied by very-much-awake Stephen, Dia, and Solace. Trust me, this one can take a while. And take coming back to bed. Several times.
* The bed has been occupied by the above and none of us have any strength left desire to move away from it. Not even for food.
* Sammy's curled up and sleeping between Dia and me.
* Matthew is curled up and sleeping between Dia and me. Mind you, that almost only happens if he's sick; all the more reason to stay.
* My wife or I have had a bad dream and need the extra time to comfort one another. No, I'm not afraid I'd be considered weak by admitting I have bad dreams. Figure out why.
* Dia's prepared breakfast in bed. Yes, she does that, and it's always amazing.
* I just can. (Considering the rarity, this one almost didn't make the list.)

Ten reasons to get up in the morning.
* There's something new to be learned.
* There is something useful to be done.
* There's the aroma of Dia's cooking coming up from the kitchen.
* I do have work - and, shockingly, I do want to do it.
* It's the last day of a trip and I'll be home tonight, so the sooner we get started, the better.
* Dia and I could go over to Stephen's...
* There's also the chance to find Dia on the couch.
* Or in the bathtub.
* ... it's picnic day. Not something to be messed with missed out on!
* I just want to - there is so much to learn and do and love, it can't all be done from under the covers. Just... some of it.
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