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Aug. 17th, 2009 09:54 am
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Presumably, you love them, or why would you write them, yes? But let's say for a moment they were real. Are they someone you would want to call a friend? Or would the traits that make them a fabulous fictional character turn you off like hell in real life? (See: Dr. Greg House, just as an example...) So, could you be their friend? Their roommate? Their employer... or employee? Or would you just throw up your hands in disgust and write them off as impossible?

Dean ([profile] winchesterjerk):
Hahaha Dean quite honestly owns my soul. He's quieted down a little bit over the last couple of weeks, mostly because new season is right around the corner and spoilers are leaking and he's worried and I've been busy playing with other toys. But yes, I do like him. I know his strengths (and he is all kinds of awesome), I know his weaknesses (the guilt trips really kill me!), and I think it's somebody who'd irritate me no end in real life, but I would like to be his friend. Because he irritates everybody, but he's also caring enough to make up for it - and he'll always, always have the back of those he trusts.

Much as I might want to be his friend, though? Chances are that he'd just pass me by on the street (assuming I was anywhere near a street that he might pass along), possiblynot even looking me over. Oh well. >.>

Max ([personal profile] fast_max):
Love. Yes, I love and like Max - mostly because he's one of the most warm, friendly, reliable, steadfast people ever. He's flawed, yes, and he's pretty much engaged in what he does and the people who are in his life. And even though his life is short as per his kind, he'll outlive me majorly, most likely. That said? I would really love to be his friend. Or co-worker, considering that his boss is surely somebody I would love to work for.

... I mean, in their original alternative universe. Their versions as original characters in the canon 'verse? Ah... no, thank you.

Flute ([profile] grasstainedfeet):
This is Aphrael we're talking about. Tiny, exasperating, always-on-top-of-things (except when she's not), loving, lovable, changeable, and reliable Aphrael. She steals your heart, and, I must admit she stole mine. Even if her taste in older broken men with gruff exterior and a mean/cruel streak can be a bit odd at times.
No, not that kind of taste. She is (or at least usually looks) about six years old, you know.

She has a very good way with communication, too. No, not words. Music. And touch. And magic.

She's a child goddess, and she'll sneak under your skin, just because all she does want is to give and receive love. No, she doesn't want power. No, she doesn't want to be worshiped and made glorious. Just loved. If I were an Elene... er. a Styric? I'd definitely be one of hers.

Justine ([personal profile] gift_girl):

She's too simple and too complicated and insane. She's classically involved with creatures who are bad for her (and deeply and truly in love with one of them, which is its own set of drama), it's a case of her starting up with very little personality of her own, and what she develops is still extremely subject / oriented towards Thomas's wants and needs.

That said, she is sweet, and intelligent, and brave, and loyal. She's gentle and seems obedient, although most of the time - and that is thanks to Thomas, too - it's her choice to obey, rather than weakness of will.

She's the sacrificial lamb who survives. I really want to know how her story plays out.

Considering that she's employed by vampires, leaves in their mansion, and is completely a part of their world? I wouldn't want to be her friend... unless I had a sudden craving to die happy. ... literally.

Other characters (not currently on charloft):
Tonks - definitely.
Christine - with a lot more pity than I'd prefer, yes, a little.
Cecily Stephenson - sure.
Ororo - Yup.
Henriette - a little.
Alecto - hell no.
Caleb - Yes.
Melisande - kind of. It's complicated.
Drustan - Yes.
Jane - No. Yes. ... It's complicated with him, too.
Ruby - Hell no.
Petya - I think so.
Karrin - Yup!
Luke - Sure.
Maeve - Not really.
Carlos - Hell yeah! :D
Svetla - Yes. Even if she's kind of crazy.
Carolina - Yup.
Sol - A complicated yes.
Rose - yes.

... anybody knowing my kids curious about anyone else? :D


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