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Oct. 26th, 2009 10:22 am
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To what extent are you willing to share the writing of your characters with others? Do you allow your peers to write your character into their stories, or do you get frustrated if they come to you with a suggestion involing your muse?

That really depends on the writer in question. There are some writers who can always borrow my muses for their work, because I know they understand them and will not twist them out of recognition so later I will need to fix them or work with RP canon that I cannot explain to myself.

When I borrow characters, I tend to share the fic with the other writer(s) before it goes public, so they always have a say - whether I have gotten the overall concept for the piece wrong, or the fic needs fiddling for specific characterization, they can either correct directly or talk to me about it; I rarely post a piece unless it's been approved. Except for requests, where I like to surprise, but those can always be discarded if they don't work. I think that is a decent way to process things.

New RP/writing partners are more difficult for me to relinquish my muses to, mostly because I do tend to get 'stuck' with the stories, at least in my mind, and if they place my muse where I can't see him/her, it drives me a little crazy until I can either justify it or write him/her out of it - and many of my characters are in such places that I tend to not need additional complication out of the blue. (Hairy situations that they need to deal with are a different things, where I can stick to my view of what is in-character for them. Those are fun, really!)

No, I like to share. Just careful with whom. I like to plot/discuss events together, and once the concept is clear, it's... very interesting to see how other people write the events out. I do love, for some snafus, either round-robin ficcing or different points of view to the same event. Gives dimensions.

Modding is when my pups are pulled into something I haven't been even told might be coming. Ferex, 'hi, I'm your character's child, see how it happened!'? Doesn't usually sit well with me. Being asked if I would be interested in my character having a child (with X)? I can enjoy and help plot, occasionally, enthusiastically. Or I can turn the suggestion down. But suggest something else.

Communication is good, people!


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